• Report – High spirits at Nottingham University UCU picket line

    20th Feb 2020 by

    Reece, Nottingham University Socialist Students This morning, in grim and rainy conditions, members of Socialist Students and other left-wing student organisations joined UCU strikers on picket lines. Despite the early start and the rain, spirits amongst staff and students were high. After pickets ended, the various picket lines from the main campus entrances and other… Read more

  • Students and workers out together on Budget Day, March 11!

    19th Feb 2020 by

    Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser Socialist Students is backing protests against the Tory budget announcement on March 11. Student and young people’s lives have been blotted by a decade of Tory austerity and misery. They offer us no future whatsoever – instead what’s on offer is a lifetime of student debt, poverty pay, the… Read more

  • Students support the UCU strikers!

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Bea Gardner, Socialist Students national chair and UCU rep Socialist Students are in full support of university staff fighting over pensions, pay and conditions. The University and Colleges Union (UCU) will be taking fourteen days of strike action, running from Thursday 20th February and escalating each week, culminating with a week-long walkout from Monday 9… Read more

  • Leeds University – building solidarity with UCU strikers

    13th Feb 2020 by

    Allen Haigh, Leeds University Socialist Students This week at The University of Leeds, Socialist Students held its first stall on campus of the new term in support of the upcoming UCU strikes. After the general election result last term, we weren’t sure what sort of reaction we would get, but we were delighted by how… Read more

  • February 14 climate strikes – what does socialist change to end climate change mean?

    12th Feb 2020 by

    Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser In 2019 student strikes and protests against environmental destruction expressed the anger at the climate catastrophe we face. Now we must build on them to fight climate change and the Tories. Since the strikes last year, wildfires in Australia have wreaked unimaginable havoc, killing a billion animals, pushing species… Read more

  • UCU announces 14 days of strike action for the new term

    4th Feb 2020 by

    Bea Gardner, Southampton Socialist Students Socialist Students stands in solidarity with the UCU who have this week announced 14 days of strike action for universities currently in dispute over pensions, pay and conditions. Strike action will start on Thursday 20 February and escalate each week, finishing with a week-long walkout from Monday 9 to Friday… Read more

  • What will happen to Jeremy Corbyn's programme now?

    30th Jan 2020 by

    Do we need a new party for students and workers? Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser Corbyn’s surprise Labour leadership victory in 2015 demonstrated that there was an alternative to capitalist driven austerity – a programme of scrapping tuition fees, ending NHS privatisation, raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour, scrapping youth rates, building… Read more

  • Big progress for Socialist Students at Huddersfield University

    28th Jan 2020 by

    Dylan Oxley, Huddersfield Socialist Students University of Huddersfield’s political societies have been long inactive for a few years.  But since September, Socialist Students has been doing fortnightly stalls at Huddersfield University and also in the town centre. Before Christmas, we were out campaigning on campus for a Corbyn government with socialist policies, and although not… Read more

  • Fight and defy the Tories on campus

    22nd Jan 2020 by

    Organise, strike, and resist on the campuses Students and young people are angry at the victory of Johnson and the Tories. That anger must now be turned into action to fight the Tories and all the attacks they’ll continue to make. Over half of young people think their lives will be worse than their parents’… Read more

  • Young people who voted for Corbyn’s manifesto will now ask… How can we win those ideas?

    14th Jan 2020 by

    Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser It’s no surprise whatsoever that millions of young people voted for Jeremy Corbyn in the December general election. Despite Labour’s defeat at the hands of Blairite sabotage against Corbyn in Parliament, the media, and the council chamber, Labour overwhelmingly got by and far the largest youth vote compared to… Read more

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