Coventry: Socialist Students is back – come to our outside meet-ups

Michael Morgan, Coventry Socialist Students

Photo: Coventry Socialist Students

At Coventry University, we talked to students angry about the crisis gripping universities.

Coventry Socialist Students put up posters and had a stall on campus. It was received positively by students, who took leaflets, read material, and discussed with us.

This summer students experienced the A-level fiasco, Black Lives Matter and the continuing environmental crisis, so political engagement was high – many people stopped to talk to us.

Where students disagreed, we debated with them. Where they agreed, we encouraged them to sign up to Socialist Students. We got over 50 signups.

Eleven came to our outdoor meeting, at a social distance, by Coventry university library. Students from Ireland to Colombia discussed the issues facing them.

The meeting gave freshers the opportunity to ask questions about our programme. We asked them: “Do you feel you’re getting your money’s worth?” and what they thought we should campaign on – housing and tuition fees were key.

Socialist Students campaigns for tution fees to be scrapped, for living grants, and for student debt to be cancelled.

As Bea Gardner says on pages 8-9: “Socialist Students fights for a programme to unite staff, students and local communities – for the resources for all.”

We will follow this up with a campaign stall and meeting each week, and a Socialist Students Zoom meeting for the West Midlands. Online communication is crucial for the student movement. But Socialist Students does not neglect face-to-face campaigning, and we do so safely.

Students are angry. Many are prepared to join a political fight against the injustices they face.

Socialist Students can provide a radical alternative to young people. Now we need it the most.

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