Socialist Students launches petition: Refund student rent and fees – fight for free education and make the 1% pay for it!

To sign the petition, visit

Students have been lied to. We were lured to the campuses on the false promise of real life teaching and real life freshers and social events and then locked down, just so university management could get our fees and rent. We’ve suffered the consequences of these lies as we’ve been left by management to virtually fend for ourselves, with the mental health of many suffering.

Students however are fighting back, getting organised to demand rent and fee refunds from their universities. We say universities should pay out those refunds, with the funding made up for by the government. The Tories have spent billions to prop up the profits of big business during the pandemic – why not that kind of money for our education and futures?

But this crisis did not just fall from the sky along with Covid. The disaster faced by students and staff on campus is the result of years of cuts, outsourcing and marketisation on campus, all linked to the completely broken tuition fee funding system.  

That’s why Socialist Students fights for free education – for the scrapping of tuition fees, cancellation of all student debt, and for government funding for free, high quality education for all. We stand for the building of a national student movement to fight for free education. If you agree with us, you should join us by visiting

Please sign if you agree with the following, and discuss with any group you’re a member of to endorse these demands;

  • Rent refunds for students. For 100% rent refunds for any student unable to move into their halls for any reason, with the money for those refunds made up for by the government.
  • For the right of students in third-party accommodation or the private rented sector to be released from their contracts. Compensation to the landlords only on the basis of proven need!
  • For rent controls! Bring all third party halls into ownership and control of the universities, as a step towards democratically set rents, decided on by elected committees including students.
  • Refund our tuition fees – this year and every year! Fight for free education and make the 1% pay for it!
  • For a no detriment policy to be introduced for assessments affected by the lockdown.
  • End all cuts! No attacks on jobs, wages and conditions on campus to pay for refunds – make the government pay. For student and staff unity against all cuts on campus.
  • For democratic trade union and student oversight of all health and safety measures taken on campus to stop the spread of the virus – no trust in Vice Chancellors, management or the Tories to handle this crisis in our interests!
  • Build a national student movement to fight for the funding our universities need. Scrap tuition fees, cancel student debt and introduce genuine living grants for students. Fight for fully funded, high quality and free education.

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