UCU strike dates announced – students prepare to strike back alongside campus staff

Socialist Students statement

Socialist Students welcomes the announcement from the University and Colleges Union (UCU) that staff from 60 universities will be taking eight days of strike action from Monday 25 November until Wednesday 4 December. This fantastic result demonstrates the potential for unions to smash the draconian Tory anti-union laws.

Socialist Students will not only be out on the picket lines supporting our striking university staff, but will be reaching out to local UCU branches on campus over the approaching weeks to build joint student and staff meetings to discuss with the UCU how we can best build student solidarity with the strikes.

In 2018, management of universities tried to weaken and demoralise strikers by pitting students against them. We say that staff are going on strike not only to fight against vicious attacks to their pay, conditions, and pensions but to defend our education from Tory cuts and attacks! That’s why it’s vital students support the UCU in their struggle.

Socialist Students says that Students’ Unions should themselves issue statements in support of the upcoming UCU strikes, and use their resources to build campaigns on campus to mobilise students in support of the strikers.

These strikes, alongside the upcoming industrial action to be taken by CWU members working for Royal Mail, come at an extremely important time. Falling in the middle of the general election campaign period, these strikes have the potential to lead the way in the struggle against the Tories, and embolden students and workers to fight for a Corbyn led government with a socialist programme which will fight the bosses to the end and end austerity.

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