Fight and defy the Tories on campus

Socialist Students members marching in central London

Organise, strike, and resist on the campuses

Students and young people are angry at the victory of Johnson and the Tories. That anger must now be turned into action to fight the Tories and all the attacks they’ll continue to make.

Over half of young people think their lives will be worse than their parents’ generation – only 22% have faith in the system to deliver them a better standard of living. The struggle to achieve the socialist policies we need to fight for our futures goes on. Socialist Students is putting out the call for students to get organised on campus, alongside workers, to fight against any new rounds of Tory attacks, and to fight for the right to free speech and the right to protest on campus.

Instability for Johnson
Boris Johnson and the Tories have no solutions to the problems we face, of student debt, low wages, the housing crisis, or environmental catastrophe. They represent the interests of capitalism – a system which, ten years on from the global financial crash, stands on the precipice of yet another economic crisis – and therefore can offer no future whatsoever for students and young people. They remain utterly split, including over the question of Brexit and the future trading relationship with the EU and the US.

Johnson has set his sights on introducing legislation which would outlaw all out strike action on the railways – setting his government up for a confrontation with the rail union the RMT.

And across the globe, capitalism means complete political, economic and social instability. In Chile, youth and students have sparked a mass national uprising against austerity and the right wing Pinera regime after the government attempted to increase metro fares by a small amount of 30 pesos. The rallying cry of the movement has been ‘it’s not about 30 pesos, but 30 years of injustice under capitalism’. Youth have been key in mobilisations around the world, including Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Get organised on campus
Back in Britain, the campuses have been one of the frontlines of resistance against Tory austerity. Over the last two years, campus workers organised in the University and Colleges Union (UCU) have taken militant strike action on campus, with students flocking to picket lines in solidarity. UCU members are set yet again to take strike action over a period of 4 weeks this term!

Also for more than a year students have been taking bold action in the monthly climate strike mobilisations.

There have been threats to the right to organise and protest on campus. Before the election, students at many universities were banned from canvassing student accommodation for the general election.
And with the Tories continuing full steam ahead with the marketisation of Higher Education, struggles against job and course cuts, and cuts to student services could develop.

That’s why Socialist Students is calling for a ‘council of war’ on campus – drawing together everyone and anyone who wants to fight against further Tory attacks on campus – students, workers, campus unions such as the UCU and UNISON, Corbyn supporters and anti-austerity activists – to say we won’t take one more cut or attack against students or workers!

To do that, we need to get organised. Students’ Unions could play a role in advertising and promoting a general students and workers’ meeting on campus to discuss and organise the tactics of fighting Tory attacks on campus. But if they don’t, we need to build democratic student organisations that will fight back, both locally and at the national level.

Join Socialist Students’ to help us in our campaign against the Tories on campus, to discuss with us the tactics and policies we need to fight for a socialist future, and to link up nationally with students organising on campuses across the country. We want to discuss not only how to end austerity, but how we can fight for an entirely new kind of socialist society – beginning with taking into public ownership the banks and big monopolies which exist in Britain to plan societies’ vast wealth and resources for the needs of all students and workers.

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