Students and workers out together on Budget Day, March 11!

Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser

Socialist Students is backing protests against the Tory budget announcement on March 11. Student and young people’s lives have been blotted by a decade of Tory austerity and misery. They offer us no future whatsoever – instead what’s on offer is a lifetime of student debt, poverty pay, the housing crisis and the climate crisis.  

Boris Johnson’s words about austerity being over are hollow. The government has announce that all government departments will see a 5% spending cut, while local councils up and down the country are preparing to take the axe once again to vital local services. Socialist Students is backing the Budget Day protests to say not one more attack against students or workers on behalf on the bosses!

Neither is our education system safe. The university campuses are in complete disarray as a result of the marketisation of Higher Education. Members of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) are on the front line of the fight back against Tory austerity on the campuses, taking strike action spread out over four weeks this term.

They’re taking a stand against spiralling workloads, attacks on pensions and the widening gender pay gap on campus. Students meanwhile suffer all the consequences of Tory austerity on the campuses – spiralling rents, the overcrowding of lectures and libraries, cuts to courses, disappearing student services, and tens of thousands of pounds of student debt. It couldn’t be clearer that the Tory-driven marketisation of Higher Education is piling up the grievances for students and workers alike.

Fight for a socialist alternative to capitalism
The Tories serve the interests of big business and capitalism, a system for which the only priority is the creation of profit for a tiny handful who make up the bosses class at the expense of our futures. Socialist Students stands for a socialist alternative to the misery of capitalism. We fight to take the vast wealth and resources which exist in society into democratic public ownership, starting with the banks and big monopolies. On this socialist basis, workers and young people could democratically plan society to provide a future for all young and working class people.

Socialist Students says;

  • Fight for free, fully funded university education! Cancel all outstanding student debt, and reverse the marketisation of Higher Education!
  • Build council homes and university run not-for-profit student housing
  • End low pay and zero hour contracts
  • For socialist change to end climate change! Nationalise energy provision, privatised utilities and public transport under democratic workers’ control. Step up research on green energy, waste reduction and energy saving
  • Support the UCU strikers! Build a united student and worker fightback on the campuses against the Tories – defend the right to protest on our campuses
  • Take the wealth off the 1% – nationalise the banks and biggest corporations which dominate the economy! International solidarity in the struggle for a socialist world

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