Student occupation in support of striking workers

Reece Lawton, Nottingham University Socialist Students

On 9 March, students from Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent occupied the Coates Road auditorium at Nottingham Uni in solidarity with the University and College Union (UCU) strike. There are occupations at eleven other universities. 

The occupation will go on until at least the end of the strike on 13 March. Four nights for the four fights – pay, casualisation, workload, and equality.

We invite anyone who wishes, to come in and give talks on what they know – climate justice, labour struggles and so on.

Students have made this decision as they are disgusted with the disrespect shown to lecturers, estate staff, hospitality employees and all other workers at the universities.

Students are showing that we will fight back against casualisation, unfair treatment of staff and the commodification of education. Please send solidarity messages to @UoNSolidarity on twitter and to the Nottingham Student Solidarity Facebook page.

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