Tory plot at Cardiff University defeated

By Cardiff Socialist Students

Attempts to scrap the support that Cardiff University Students’ Union had given the UCU strike were roundly defeated last night when Tory students couldn’t even get enough students to turn up to an “Emergency Members’ Meeting” (EMM) to debate their motion!

Last November the Students’ Union AGM voted to support action by the UCU by a sizable margin. Lecturers and other university staff are fighting to end precarious working conditions at the university with, despite claiming that they have no zero hour contracts, some staff are on teaching contracts that guarantee only 2 hours a year. The university is also trying to cut pensions and there are sizable gender and race pay gaps at the university as well bas a workload issue that is destroying the lives of members of staff.

The Tory manoeuvre tried to cancel our democratically-agreed support by calling a vote when many students had gone home rather than cross picketlines, trying to overturn the will of the students to stand in solidarity with the staff who teach us.

But not only did it fail: it backfired!

Socialist Students, Cardiff Students Support the Strike and other groups have been out campaigning for students to continue and step up their support. Lots of people are outraged by the Tory plot, and their passive support for lecturers and other university workers has turned into active support.

Joe Healy, from Cardiff Socialist Students and Students Support The Strike said, “It was pathetic, really. The Tories spent weeks trying to rally people to attend but it was obvious what was going to happen. Their petition calling the EMM was deliberately vaguely worded and students have now realised that they were tricked into supporting a sly attempt to undermine our pro-strike stance. Students are happy with the current position: we support our staff in their fight for better conditions for all of us. This isn’t over, but we’re prepared. We said in November and we’ll say it again: this is a joint struggle: students and workers together, and we know that.”

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