Socialist Students national day of action Wednesday April 21st – refund our fees, fight for free education!

Below is a list of Socialist Students protests for our upcoming day of action on Wednesday April 21st. Socialist Students are going to be out across the country protesting for tuition fee refunds for students as a first step towards winning free education. If you’d like to get involved or want more details of your local protest, contact us by visiting or email

Aberdeen, NESCOL front entrance, 12pm
Bangor, High Street Clock Tower, 1pm
Birmingham University, meet outside Starbucks at Bournbrook Pavilion, 4pm
Bradford University, meet outside the university, 12pm
Brighton, 68 Grand Parade, BN2 9JA, 12pm
Bristol University, on the grass opposite Senate House, BS8 1TH, 3pm
Cardiff University, Woodville Pub, 1pm
Coventry, Broadgate in town, 12pm
Dundee, TBA
Essex University, High Street, Victoria Shopping Centre, 3pm
Glasgow, Hillhead Subway Station, Time TBA
Leeds University, outside the SU, 12pm
Liverpool, by Liverpool Guild of Students, 12pm
University of Arts London, CSM campus, 2pm
Kings College London, the Strand, 12pm
Manchester University, Fallowfields, 12pm
Nottingham Trent, outside the SU, 1pm
Northumbria University, junction of College Street and Northumberland Road, 12pm
Oxford University, Bonn Square, 12pm
Plymouth University, outside the Charles Seale Hayne Library, 2pm
Queen Mary University of London, meet outside Mile End library, 1pm
Sheffield University, outside the union, 11am
Sheffield Hallam, Courtyard in front of Owen building, 12pm
Southampton University, outside SU, 12pm
Swansea, Castle Gardens, 2pm
York, St Helen’s square, 5pm

Our campuses are engulfed in crisis. Following the countless lies we were told just so universities could gain access to our tuition fee and rent money, we have been abandoned by university management and the Tories.

The tuition fee funding system is the root of the crisis students and staff face. Our universities have been left without the public funding and resources they need, meaning years of cuts to student support services, mental health services, not to mention cuts to jobs, staff wages and conditions and courses.

And now the Tories are trying to attack our right to protest at a time when they’re looking at making us pay for the coronavirus crisis with our futures. Socialist Students says we need to build a mass movement to defend the right to protest and fight for our education rights.

Now is the time for our movement to go on the offensive and demand the full funding that our universities need – to end and reverse all cuts on campuses, to provide affordable housing for students, and to kick the failed market model entirely out of education for good, by scrapping tuition fees and cancelling all student debt.

A good place to start for this would be to demand a refund of our tuition fees for the year! But we don’t want to stop there. If we’re to guarantee that we never see the chaos which has erupted on our campuses ever again, we need to fight to scrap tuition fees altogether, along with student debt. That requires the building of a mass movement.

That’s why Socialist Students is organising campus protests on Wednesday 21 April to demand that universities refund our tuition fees for this year, with the funding for those refunds made up for by the government, as the first step towards winning free education.

We want to unite rent strikers, free education campaigners, campus staff and unions, anti-cuts and liberation groups on campus around a common programme – for rent and fee refunds for students, for an end to all cuts on campuses, for rent controls for all students, for properly funded student support and mental health services, and free education. And we need to build a national student movement to take the fight to the U-turn Tories. Join us!

All of our protests will be socially distanced and safe. If you’re attending, please wear PPE, bring hand sanitiser and maintain at least a distance of 2m.

Socialist Students says:

• Refund our fees and our rent
• Defend the right to protest
• Build a national student movement – democratic and active
• Organise for free education and make the 1% pay!
• Fight for a socialist alternative to capitalist chaos

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