Students on 26 campuses to protest for tuition fee and rent refunds following the further delay of campus reopening until May

Socialist Students press release – 16/04/21

Students campaigning for free education are organising a national day of action next week, on Wednesday 21st April, calling for tuition fee and rent refunds for students as the first step towards scrapping tuition fees for good.

Jake George, a Socialist Students organiser at Nottingham Trent University said: “Students have once again been left behind with the government’s broken promise of a return to real life teaching by April. They’ve failed to make our campuses safe and protect the interests of students and staff.

“That’s why Socialist Students at Nottingham Trent University is demanding that our tuition fees are refunded for the year. That would be a good start to making up for the stress both university management and the government have put us through this year as they tried to get their hands on our fees and rent.

“But we demand that that money is made up for by the government. Our universities have suffered a decade of underfunding which has meant cuts on campus to jobs, student support and mental health services, courses and so on. That’s why we demand that tuition fees are scrapped and replaced with full government funding for free education.”

Theo Sharieff, national organiser for Socialist Students added, “This delay is yet another disappointment for students. Students have been lied to constantly throughout the year just so universities could get at our rent and fee payments. The tuition fee funding model is totally broken.

“The rent refunds which have been won by students this year prove though that when we organise we can win. It’s of urgent importance that we now begin to link up the struggles happening locally on different campuses into a national student movement and take the fight to the Tories.  

“Socialist Students says we need to build a national student movement to fight for what our universities need – full government funding to provide a safe, high quality and free education available to all. That’s what we’re fighting for with this day of action.”

A full list of actions can be found at

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